Learn about Intraday Trading:

Course Name-: Learn about Intra-day trading | Fees: Rs. 10,000/- | Free for qualifying customers

Are you new to Stock Market or good in long term equity investments, but struggling to find your feet in intraday trading? Have you been struggling to find a future in Futures? Or, looking for an option in Options? Well, then your search ends here.

The entire theory and methodology in this course is designed to create synergetic combinations of tools, especially for day trading and short term trading.

Timing is crucial in such trading, even more so in the futures and options segment. TheCombination of tools and skills described in this course will give you timely and accurate signals, for a precise entry into a day trade, its subsequent management and trade exit.

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At the end of this course, you will be equipped with the skills and temperament to make you ready with time-tested and practical day trading strategies and systems, which are easy to understand and implement:

  • The 3Ms of trading success — Method, Money management and mind-set
  • The technical pillars — Candlesticks, CPR, Moving Average
  • Profitable trade entry, trade management and exit tactics
  • How to trade the morning range, trends, gaps, and sideways markets
  • How to avoid — and profit from — market traps
  • How to harness the explosive power of multiple trading tools working in tandem
  • Money management — position size and risk management
  • How to master your mind in order to vanquish the market
  • The daily discipline of a successful day trader.

Packed with 200+ real market examples and charts, this course shows you how to approach the market every single trading day like a winner, equipped with appropriate technical expertise and supreme self-confidence.

To register for the course, please call Toll Free Number 1800-890-6878, or email [email protected]