If you are looking to really learn how the stock market works, then you are probably looking for the best guidance from an expert, the best technical workshop – AMIBROKER technical workshop.

Amibroker Workshop - By Rajandran (21 Dec - 22 Dec 2013 08:15 AM - 06:00 PM)


Agenda for the Program:

Day 1 :

08.00 a.m – 09.00a.m – Registration

09.00 a.m – 10.30a.m – Introduction to Amibroker and Trading Systems

10:30a.m -10:45a.m- Tea Break

10:45a.m-01.00p.m – Trend Trading Strategies

01.00p.m – 01:45p.m – Lunch

01:45p.m – 03:45p.m – How to do Backtesting in Amibroker and Understanding Trading System Performance Metrix

03:45p.m – 04.00p.m – Tea Break

04:00p.m – 04:30p.m – How to fine tune your trading strategies using Optimization and Walk Forward Testing concepts.

04:30p.m – 05:00p.m – Q&A Session

Day 2 :

09.00 a.m – 10.30a.m – Trade Effectively with Amibroker -Strategies

10:30a.m -10:45a.m- Tea Break

10:45a.m-01.00p.m – Portfolio Timing Models using Amibroker

01.00p.m – 01:45p.m – Lunch

01:45p.m – 03:45p.m – Trading the Equity Curve

03:45p.m – 04.00p.m – Tea Break

04:00p.m – 04:30p.m – Money Management Concepts using Amibroker

04:30p.m – 05:00p.m – Q&A Session

Who Should Attend this Workshop

Traders, Analysts, Brokers, College Students , Anyone interested in Investing, DayTrading, Technical Analysis, Trading Strategies, Trading Softwares, Trading System Development.

What is required for this workshop ?

- Basic understanding of the stock markets, futures and options

- A Laptop

What is provided for the workshop ?

- Internet access

- Free downloads of open source software

- Trial version of Amibroker software

- Strategies developed by Rajandran

- Global datafeeds trial access to their amazing data feed service for 5 days

- Most importantly by the end of the program, you have a much better understanding of the markets, have the winning edge to succeed in your trades.


What are the advantages of attending the workshop?

- Understanding about the concepts and how to play with trading system

- Understanding the risk involved in following a trading system

- Access to Premium indicators from marektcalls like Supertrend Multitimeframe Dashboard, intraTrend

- Professional Amibroker Training

- Get the Winning-Edge over Strategy based Trading